Because Meldreth Preschool is a registeredcharity, we rely on fundraising to allow us to buy new resources, update and maintain the equipment we have and provide children with a range of interesting activities in every session. From paints and paper to technology and training, we are always looking for ways to enhance the experience that the children have and there are plenty of ways you can help. We will let you know of any events we are holding to raise money for the preschool, but here are some things you can do at any time:

Friends of Meldreth Preschool                                                                                                                 We know that not everyone has the time to come in to the events we hold at the preschool - many parents and carers have got plenty of other commitments and we appreciate that. However, if you would like to support the preschool in a way that doesn't require you to commit your time, 'Friends of Meldreth Preschool' would love to hear from you. FOMPS (as we are calling it) will be fundraising to buy vital resources for the preschool, but if you want to donate to us directly, the you can do so here and we will keep you posted on what we do with the money raised.


Bring us your veg!                                                                                                                         The children have a healthy snack during every session, which gives them a chance to try new foods, learn about nutrition and enjoy the experience of eating with their friends. We always appreciate it when parents bring in fruit and veg for the children to enjoy and it helps to keep our costs down, so if you have a spare pear, an additional apple or any other surplus snacks, they are always much appreciated.

Easy Fundraising - donate for free
Fundraising need not involve putting your hand in your pocket - you can help Meldreth Preschool to raise money just by doing your shopping online. If you use Easy Fundraising then we will get money when you shop at some of the biggest online stores including Amazon, Ebay, Tesco Direct and many more. Simply click on the link to access the sites via our EasyFundraising account or install the app on your phone to raise money without it costing you anything. 

Raise money whenever you have a clear out
Next to the preschool is a clothing collection bin and any items placed in there help to raise money for both the preschool and the primary school. So next time you have a clear out and end up with clothes or other textiles please bring them along to put in the clothing bin and turn your trash into cash which will benefit the preschool.

Donate supplies through our Amazon Wishlist
As well as raising money to buy things for the preschool, we also have other ways you can help us to offer the widest possible range of opportunities to the children. Our Amazon Wishlist has some ideas of items that the preschool could make good use of, and it's perfect for when you are a couple of pounds away from getting free delivery - buying something for the children could save you money on the delivery and all donations are gratefully received.