Meldreth Preschool is a registered charity which is run by committee of volunteers, most of whom are parents of children who attend the preschool. The committee meets regularly to make decisions about the running of the preschool, plan for the future of the setting and organise fundraisers. We are currently in the process of incorporating the charity. For more information on this process please see the CIO page.

The committee always welcomes new members and many parents find that it is an ideal way to take an active role in their children's early years education, meet other parents and put their existing skills to good use. The committee has links with the Local Authority and the Preschool Learning Alliance who provide free training as well as ongoing support.

The current Chair, Treasurer and Secretary have stood down after years of service to the preschool and we need people to take on the roles of  in order for the preschool to stay open. You can learn more about the roles and the responsibilities here:


  • To represent and act as an ambassador for the charity.
  • To facilitate and chair meetings of the charity; including committee meetings, open meetings and general meetings, such as the Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • To set the agenda for meetings together with the Secretary.
  • To co-ordinate the work of the committee to ensure effective administration of the charity.
  • To act as the ‘Nominated Person’ for Ofsted purposes.
  • To approve committee expenditure in line with the charity’s financial procedures.
  • To line manage the employees of the charity.
  • To support other committee members and authorise the work of the Treasurer.


  • To respond appropriately and punctually to all correspondence; keeping proper records.
  • To organise all meetings including booking venues, arranging refreshments, liaising with attendees to ensure they are informed.
  • To collect all points to draw up meeting agendas and circulate to all meeting attendees punctually.
  • To take comprehensive and accurate minutes during meetings, type up and send out to all attendees in a timely manner.
  • To gather relevant information and produce a termly/monthly/weekly newsletter. Distribute to all appropriate people.
  • To ensure all office filing is kept up-to-date.
  • To support all trustees and staff members by ensuring the administrative function is accurate and efficient.

General Members

  • General trustee responsibilities and duties
  • To ensure that the charity pursues its charitable aims and applies its resources exclusively for this purpose.
  • To set out a clear strategic direction for the charity; upholding and promoting its values and delivering its goals.
  • To ensure that the charity complies with the Constitution, charity law, and other relevant legislation and regulations.#
  • To work effectively as part of a team with the other trustees; whilst bringing your own ideas, perspectives and experience to the committee.
  • To regularly attend and contribute to the decision making process of the committee, keeping up to date with developments that impact on the work of the charity and reading relevant committee papers.
  • To actively contribute to ensuring that effective management, procedural and administrative systems are in place to govern the activities of the charity.
  • To take reasonable care and skill as a trustee on all matters where there may be material risk to the charity.
  • To declare when you, or any person or organisation connected with you, have a personal interest in an issue being discussed by the trustees and refrain from voting on the issue to prevent a potential conflict of interests arising.
  • To work with the Treasurer to set priorities for the budget.
  • To authorise cheques in line with the charity’s financial procedures.
  • To undertake Ofsted suitability checks as required.
  • To recruit a Manager to take charge of the day to day running of the early years provision and to give them clear direction, agreeing policy and targets to support the successful management of the provision.
  • In consultation with the Manager, ensuring that the Early Years Foundation Stage and Ofsted registration requirements are met.
  • To work with the Manager to ensure the effective recruitment and induction of new employees and volunteers.
  • To provide a link between the trustees, staff and members of the charity, ensuring that effective communication takes place.
  • To work to ensure the provision is a safe place to be, for both children and adults.
  • To support and help recruit and induct fellow trustees and encourage them to join the committee.
    To carry out all trustee duties in accordance with the Code of Conduct and the Constitution .

Anyone who is interested in joining the preschool committee can get in touch with the chair via

The current committee comprises:

Chair - Jo Smith                                                                                                                                              Treasurer - Helen Kirbyshire Secretary - Sarah Port                                                                                       General members - Thea Peacock, Jean Bermingham